Bento Lunch: From the Sea to the Stars!

Love you from the “Sea to the Stars” and back. 😜😘 . Sea: gluten free star-shaped star fish cereal, gold fish crackers, nori strips. . Stars: rocket-shaped rice on top of chicken curry (space), watermelon ball & apple ring “Saturn” … Continue reading

Paleo/Vegan Brownie!

Guys… These are seriously sooooooo good and easy! The kids & hubby loved them and I ate the rest. 😜 I got the recipe from page and added a little @powbab. Really moist just like a real brownie! Happy … Continue reading

Yumbox Dinosaur Lunch!

First YumBox Lunch! aaaannnndddd we’re back to dinosaurs in our house (thought we had moved on from them). πŸ’ŸπŸ’› . Dino corn bread: used my Dino silicone mold that we made crayons in to make corn bread! Used food coloring … Continue reading

Paleo Donuts!

Since adopting a Paleo lifestyle, I’ve been craving baked goods/bread. After searching for recipes and testing them out, I really liked @joyfoodsunshine‘s spinach paleo donuts. I made other variations without the spinach or adding in cacao powder to make it … Continue reading

A Very Hungry Caterpillar Bento Lunch!

This week I got some really crunchy sweet sugar snap peas and came up with the idea of making a themed lunch after the children’s book “A Very Hungry Catepillar“. Aren’t they so pretty opened half way? And looks very … Continue reading

DIY Dinosaur Crayons!

DIY Dinosaur Crayons: lots of time this weekend with the kids meant activities to occupy them so they don’t drive mama cray cray soooooooo CRAYons. Sorry. Known for cheesy jokes. 😁 Easy to make. . 1. Peel off the paper … Continue reading

Yuca Toast 2 Ways!

Breakfast on Yucan toast 2 ways: crunchy & delicious! 1. Savory: tuna, avocado oil mayo, bacon, cilantro, black pepper. 🐟 Paleo-friendly! 2. Sweet: mango with chia seeds and mint, strawberries with red cabbage, almonds, blueberries, figs over Nutella. πŸ“Β Vegan-friendly! More on … Continue reading

Bentgo Picnic Dinner at the Park!

Bentgo Picnic Dinner at the Park! Hubby is out of town and it’s a bright beautiful warm summer night so thought I’d bring dinner to the park. It’s an odd combination of leftovers (@mylollicup), mini pizza bagels, and greek cream … Continue reading

Bentgo Lunch with Cheesy Names!

BentGo lunch: this thing came back completely empty today. Yay! Have a great weekend everyone! πŸ’ŸπŸ’› . Pasta: we call it “miso carbonara”. I use miso, seaweed, spinach, egg, and spinach noodles. Dash of Parmesan on top. 🍝 . Names: … Continue reading

DIY Ice Cream Cone & Holder!

So last month, I threw a party for the kids and their close friends and called it “Pizzas & Popsicles Playdate”. Lots of 🌈 to show you from our Popsicles & Pizza Party! But for now, I’ll tell you how … Continue reading